Dust control tips


Dust control worldwide

Consair took the opportunity which comes only every three years and participated with the new CAMU D2 source extractor in the world's largest construction machinery trade fair Bauma 2019. The fair takes place in Munich, Germany, and there were about 620,000 visitors, including 250,000 from...


Dust control from a developer’s perspective

Developers often require a high level of dust management from the building contractor. As such, a reasonable and worthy claim may lead to a dispute between the developer and the contractor about what is a "high level". Defining a level is not unambiguous unless there is a commonly agreed process...


Building site purity plan - why and how?

The goals set by the developer for the purity of the construction project will guide the contractor in making a plan for site purity, i.e. the dust control plan. As part of the overall safety planning of the construction project, the contractor must also have a dust control plan in which the...


Mixing tent or source extractor in dust control?

 A common way to implement dust management at a construction site is to build a mixing tent. The tent has its own advantages, but so have a mobile source extraction devices.

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What is silica dust and why should you care?

Who would want to work or stay in a dusty environment? Yet, many construction workers are exposed daily to construction dust because of the inadequate, or cumbersome and time-consuming, on-site dust management. Or it is non-existant.All dusts burden the lungs. When exposure increases and is...

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