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Consair took the opportunity which comes only every three years and participated with the new CAMU D2 source extractor in the world's largest construction machinery trade fair Bauma 2019. The fair takes place in Munich, Germany, and there were about 620,000 visitors, including 250,000 from abroad. They represented over 200 countries. There were 3700 exhibitors from 63 countries, 56 companies from Finland.

Exhibition stands have been booked well in advance by standard visitors, so first-time visitors such as Consair were placed in the new B0 Hall. There were many new innovative solutions and companies in this hall for the quests to get to know.

7 days of continuous customer flow

CAMU BaumassaThe goal of Consair was to get to know the dust control market in Germany, but also in other countries, and to get contacts for future export business. At the same time, for the first time, we also introduced our new source extractor device, CAMU D2, which attracted a lot of interest as a completely new innovation.

We got distributor candidates from all over the world, from several countries. Many importers and rental companies saw CAMU as an opportunity to offer their customers something new and different from the usual offer.

We dusted the mortar in front of CAMU at a steady pace while asking what kind of dust control requirements exist in other countries. There was plenty of interest.

Purchase of dust management equipment supported by an insurance company in Germany

In Germany the level of dust control is roughly the same as in Finland, and the size of the company particularly clearly correlates with the level of dust management. BG Bau, based in Germany, is one of the largest professional organizations in Germany. As a provider of statutory accident insurance for the construction industry and construction services, it manages approximately 2.8 million insured around 500,000 companies and approximately 50,000 private construction projects.

BG Bau's mission is to promote occupational safety in companies and workplaces. This is to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases. As part of this activity, BG Bau also pays a part of the purchase price for approved dust control devices - why not in Finland as well? Consair is now starting to pursue the BG Bau listing for our products and thus the German market.

The importance of dust control is growing all over the world

An interesting new potential export country is for example India, as several Indian guests said the importance of dust control is already increasingly recognized - in dust control, there are probably huge fluctuations in India as much as elsewhere, but the smartest companies already understand the dangers of dust - both for health and the quality of construction. It was great to note, however, that in dust control, Finnish builders are the forerunners. :-)

So we learned a lot. There are also a lot of opportunities around the world, as the importance of dust control is gradually understood elsewhere. There is still a lot of work to be done. So stay tuned to see how the Finnish innovation progresses to take the world - and at the same time you will see what's coming from us in the near future.

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